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January 22, 2019 • Headline News
Tom Tepe Autocenter
Tom Tepe Autocenter
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Commissioners cut funding for Rescue 69 - Interim EMA Director appointed

Wanda English Burnett

When Ripley County Commissioners found out that Rescue 69 was in breach of their contract with the county, they made the decision at the January 14 meeting to cut the county funding. This was for a period of time, October 1, 2018, through December 19, 2018, saying that the agency (Rescue 69) was not in compliance.

The contracted rate per day is $293.45 (approximately) making the quarterly draw from the county $26,998.12. They subtracted the number of days Rescue 69 was in breach of their contract with the county, which was 80 and that reduced the money they were given to $3,522.12. Commissioners Rodney Stratton, Gary Stutler, and Mark Horstman unanimously made the decision at the January 14 meeting.

Darrell Ake was in attendance at the meeting where he gave an update on the EMA office. Commissioners agreed unanimously to appoint Ake to the EMA/ADA Director position until they hire someone. This was to fill the vacancy after the resignation of Patrick Rose. The commissioners are interviewing candidates for the position at an executive session.

Chief Probation Officer Shannon Schmaltz came before the commissioners asking if they could build a 10x11 structure in the board room of the courthouse first floor. He noted the room would cost $1,103.26 and that money will come from a nontax based fund. The room will be sound proof for MMCH to have therapy sessions. Commissioner Horstman made the motion to build the wall, with Stutler giving the second. The motion passed with Stratton abstaining. Schmaltz had only one bid and commissioners asked him to get another bid before they decide on who will do the work.

Sheriff Jeff Cumberworth updated commissioners on personnel saying a jail officer had quit and he is replacing him with Matthew McFarland. He also noted the jail has had three windows busted that are getting fixed. Lt. Randy Holt has used his personal 4-wheel drive (instead of a police car) due to weather conditions, so the sheriff reported he filled it with gas from the department.

In other business:
-Johnnie Lohrum presented bids to have the trees at the courthouse trimmed. They were from Adams and Hughes Tree Services. The commissioners went with Adams bid of $4,650.
-Commissioners signed the 4-H contract for Dave Osborne with the Extension Office. They also reappointed Paul Sipples to the tourism board, and approved a new appointment of Kim Evans.
-Cathy Volz, treasurer’s office, asked about getting a new fax machine and printer . She presented two bids for each product. Commissioners approved her request based on the lowest price.
-Ray Toops, superintendent of the Ripley County Highway Department, was given permission to order three more trucks.
The next meeting of the Ripley County Commissioners is set for January 28 at the courthouse annex in Versailles at 8:00 a.m.

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