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5.9.24 The Versailles Republican

In the Thursday, May 9 issue

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May Primary shapes the November ticket

Remember those election nights from your childhood? They were late nights. The votes were finalized at midnight or later. Those nights school children, old enough to understand and study the voting process, would stay up looking for the results from their county to run in a ticker tape reel under the announcers while they talked about the polls, turnout for voting, or other voting related issues.

9-year-old wants to help people

It is never too young to start a business. Lathan Davis, age 9, Napoleon, (son of Stacie and Mike Davis) is a third grader at Jac-Cen-Del Elementary who always dreamt of raising chickens. As a school project the students hatched some little chicks and Lathan was able to bring them home to raise. His late grandfather, Dan Mulford, also known as Papa Choo Choo, had plans of raising chickens and putting up a stand up with Lathan. But after bringing them home an animal got into their pin and killed them. Lathan was so upset and his Mamaw Choo Choo, Judy Mulford, went and got him some more chicks. Dan passed away a year ago before they all got the chance to make things happen with Lathan’s dream, and Lathan wasn’t going to give up and make this happen. After a year still no eggs and recently a few weeks ago his Mamaw Judy told The Versailles Republican, “The chicks just exploded with eggs after eggs.”

Students learn about saving energy

Students in Mrs. Beth Mathes’ Kindergarten class at South Ripley Elementary School were able to feel the earth beneath them as they celebrated Earth Day. They learned about saving the earth while reusing jars designed by them with permanent markers.