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Iron Timbers based on faith and family

Iron Timbers based on faith and family

Iron Timbers has an impressive portfolio of furniture that combines both wood and metal into one customized piece. The family-owned business consists of a father and two sons, with additional design help from one of the three sisters of the family. Each one brings his/her own talent.

Gary Payne, the father of the business, specializes in woodcarving. Dustin is the woodworker, and Caleb specializes in metal. While it’s obvious all three have talent in what they do, they made it clear from the beginning that they are using the skills that God gave them and they couldn’t have done it by themselves. Their faith has been an important part of where they are today.

Faith and family come first for all three. In fact, they pray in the mornings, including giving thanks for their wives who support them in their endeavor. Their families have had to make sacrifices for them to get to this point, while the trio puts in the hard work to make their business a success. Their families were also involved in creating the company’s name during a Thanksgiving get-together, and their sister created the logo for them.

They started the business three years ago, with Dustin working out of his garage and Caleb and Gary working out of their workshops. Gary had retired from the Southeastern Career Center as a building trades instructor for 30 years. Now they have a building located in Osgood, complete with work areas and a show room, which they hope to open to the public in the summer.

In addition to the excitement of a new building, their work will be included in an HGTV show entitled Good Bones. This came about from an already existing working relationship with a mother and daughter duo from Indianapolis, who go by Two Chicks & A Hammer. They can’t let out any information about the show yet, but Ripley Publishing will be sure to keep the readers advised when the show will air.

The talent of this family goes beyond their business. They also participate in many Ripley-Ohio-Dearborn (ROD) activities to support Special Olympics, including polar plunge, the fire truck pull, and art guild workshops. Gary says he is “blessed being in their [special needs] presence.” They recently raised $2,500 for the polar plunge that takes place annually in Versailles. In addition to ROD, they have donated to other charities and try to give back to the community.

The family also promotes entrepreneurship as a lifestyle as being possible for students with that dream. So many are quick to shut these dreams down, but they support it. The three all agreed it’s about positive thinking and faith in God. Be positive and follow that dream.

While most of their current work to date is custom and is seen in the larger surrounding cities, they hope to streamline some affordable furniture, such as tables, side tables, chairs and stools at some point in the future.

Watch for more information about the formal opening of Iron Timbers, where they will have a ribbon cutting process.

You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.