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Linville’s restitution reduced by court

Linville’s restitution reduced by court

 An opinion issued by the Indiana Court of Appeals has reduced convicted felon’s, Steve Linville’s, restitution from $98,310.30 to $35,729 to Laughery Valley Ag  Co-op.  

   Linville is currently serving a prison sentence in the Indiana Department of Corrections for multiple Theft and Delivering  False Sales Document convictions while he was an employee of Laughery Valley Ag Co-op.  The restitution will have to be repaid during Linville’s probationary period following his incarceration. 

   The Court of Appeals found that Linville was responsible for restitution for the six felony counts he pled guilty to.  Sentencing and restitution were originally determined by the Court in February, 2018.