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In the Thursday, June 25 issue

Put me in, coach!

By Rob Lafary Staff Writer Milan Grad on Netflix  My knowledge in regards to roller derby grazes minimal at best, but I hope to learn more tomorrow when I watch Milan graduate Jenna Johnson in action. Johnson, who graduated in 2004, will be featured on …

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In the print edition:

Food Giveaway to be in Osgood

Once again Gleaners will be bringing a semi-trailer loaded with groceries to Ripley County.

Register yard sales with health dept.

As summer has officially begun, it seems to be the signal for people to have and go to yard sales across the county. All those days of being at home and organizing and sorting have left people with the knowledge they have way more stuff than they need. Usual tradition in this part of the country is to take all these items and put them together for display for others to possibly purchase.